Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Thyroid Miracle

The journey toward homeostatis and healing continues. Yesterday I learned that my body is missing thyroid hormone. I have been technically hypothermic with a temp of 95 for a little bit now. My neuroendocrinologist has been following me for a few years, but it finally became clear this last week that we needed to treat my thyroid.

It's too complicated to go into all the details but I'll say pituitary was likely injured with the TBI six years ago.  Most doctors have missed the things going on with fact,  many have.  I've had docs say all kinds of things.  It's only through tireless advocacy that I've continued to heal. 

Since it's Brain Injury Awareness Month, I want to say never give up.  Badassery isn't defined by the times its's choosing to keep walking, or just standing....or just breathing when it's difficult.  It's maintaining authenticity. It's daring to be REAL.

I feel better this morning.  My endocrine system is being brought back online and it feels like life flowing in my veins. I'm grateful.

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