Thursday, June 18, 2020

New Art! "Dancing in the Flow of Mystery"

"Dance in the FLOW of Mystery"

I continue to explore the #warriorwoman concept in this #digitalpainting series.  Limited edition signed prints are available.

Original art by Heather Thompson Blue Phoenix Art (coming soon)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tough Day...Work in Progress

Work in progress...Digital Painting.

Color is my language on a very difficult day.  Everyone has days like today.... afterall...IT'S A PANDEMIC. 


Speak God, thy humble servant is listening. 

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

New Digital Paintings!

New Art!

Digital Paintings....

by Heather Thompson Blue Phoenix Art

Prints available.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Breath - An Essential Element of Grief & True Self

I have been at a loss for words since I saw the death of George Floyd on TV. Tears, anxiety, pain, fear...all of it has permeated our home, as it should when faced with the horrific question:

How does a man die begging for his life -"I can't breathe" - with others looking on and no one intervening? There are some things I cannot grasp, though I know it happens as I studied this in my undergrad and I see it now in ministry. But, I still cannot grasp the Bystander Effect. It is not in my nature.

"I can't Breathe."
No response from police.
No movement of the deadly knee.
No intervention from those standing by.
Where is our humanity?

I keep coming back to Chinese Medicine - Yin and the 5 Elements as I have sat in the contemplative silence trying to find words.

Breath/Lung = Yin element of Metal = Grief and True Self.

From my perspective, our entire world is in the midst of a crisis of breath/grief/true self. From the worldwide climate crisis to the polluted air we breathe, to the pandemic causing suffocating pneumonias with disproportionate impact on marginalized communities - elderly, chronically ill, minority, African American.

But the very intimate murder of George Floyd - taking his breath before our eyes - has hit a nerve with a long history that needs expression and acknowledgement. The righteous anger and grief emerging will not be a "pretty" process; and asking those around us to be professional and perfect while walking through this pain is inhumane. Space for anger/grief, support for our neighbor, listening, attempting to communicate, being willing to engage...

As I read what those close to me have written, I want to say that I am listening. I may not always speak loudly, but I am listening...and I am praying...carefully holding space for those who are grieving, taking care to give the pain to the old growth trees surrounding my hermitage for cleansing so I don't hold it within my healing body.

Note that the expression of righteous anger and the need for healing does not apply to the violent opportunistic groups (i.e. white supremicists in seattle) that seek to spread rumors and fan the flames of chaos for their own nefarious agendas.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Digital Painting, Synesthesia & Integrating My Brain with Color! (Video)

I'm still playing with this new digital painting tool - #AdobeFresco - I find that I am amazed at the newly released features that allow the colors to mix just as paint would on a canvas. There are "brushes" that blend like oils, scraping tools, and even paints that allow me to create grooves in the "canvas."

Learning this new tool feels surprisingly like my early artistic journey in 2011, when I first discovered by acquired savant skills by allowing my hands to simply do what felt "right" when presented with pastels and paper. Immediately, I was on fire with artistic hunger. I NEEDED to try painting! Note that I had never painted before in my life.

Just as I did then, I am now hungry for digital art. I believe it is because my body is undergoing a significant detoxification and healing, and I am therefore unconsciously avoiding actual art materials at this moment. I have learned to listen to my body, and I am following the nudges that guide my artistic self. At this moment, it is oodles of creative LOVE for digital painting! I not only get to paint exactly what I want, but my brain loves observing the "playback" as it tells me the story of my deep ocean creative mind.

This painting took a little over a week to finish. It began with a Phoenix/Dragon that I have held in my imagination for years and affectionately call LeeLee. Soon, I added another imaginary Dragon friend named Pup. In the early days of my TBI recovery, when my daughter was a toddler, she would play with these two special Dragons that "lived" in my hands. As I painted Leelee and Pup, I had no idea what I was trying to create; I simply knew that I needed to keep going. In the end, the final image gave me the shivers, as I realized that I was staring at my own brain wiring itself through the lens of color, imagery and synesthesia.

Limited edition signed prints will be available soon for all Digital Art. To express interest, email

Coming Soon - Prints will be available for purchase at

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Looking in the Mirror... Holy Week

   Art by HeatherThompson Blue.     
   Phoenix Art 2020 (Digital Prints)

This Holy Week...vulnerability, love and strength are on my mind. 

I'm reminded of St Claire of Assisi's discussion of Jesus as a mirror on the Cross. 

She asks, can we look at Jesus suffering in horrific ways without giving into the temptation to look away?

Then she invites us to take the position of the mirror on the cross and look outward at the world.  Every person has a perception, but they are looking at a mirror of themselves, not truly SEEING the God-man crucified.  Standing in that place, can I allow others to be as they are with their own perceptions in the midst of my own extraordinary vulnerability.  This is the work of LOVE.

Some may say that vulnerability is weakness.  I used to feel that way too; then I learned in seminary that vulnerability is rooted in strength, and it is essential for authentic courage. 

Brene Brown discusses the power of vulnerability in this great interview on 60 Minutes.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Finally Healthier, but COVID-19 Self Quarantined

As I go to bed tonight, I'm healthier than I've been in a long time (amen!), yet surrounded by "widespread outbreak" of a potentially deadly virus given my illnesses.  

I'm so surprised by the unexpected sources of love and support (including the most healing conversation with my exhusband), yet I'm deeply hurting by dismissive statements and an almost deafening silence within some of my communities... The saddest part is that I want to be silent about it because I don't want to cause problems.  A typical mindset for the disempowered. 

Social connection helps heal social isolation they say, but I have discovered another way. Being of service, no matter how small, that's the path to emotional and spiritual well being.  Otherwise, I dwell on today's hurts, not today's miracles. That's not what this life - my life - is about.  Service is where I renew my authentic power rooted in love giving and gratitude.

This is Week 3 in self quarantine due to chronic illness... I'm a single mom home schooling my kiddo - an accelerated curriculum no less - I was devastated that the school marked her absent when she had to stay home and we had communicated so well! All those 9 hour days of hard work adhering to the same schedule as the kids at school, doing homework, building systems to help other kids catch up...

This is where I have a choice... where do I choose to focus my attention? 

I don't know the answer for tomorrow and the next day, but today the focus is today.  

And I have a feeling I will be saying oh well also. Perhaps some swearing too.  And lots of laughing.  I know this because we've been doing it. 

I have control over my attitude.  So, I made the choice a couple weeks ago to think of this as a hermitage. We're focused on wellness, rehabilitation, God and learning.  

Getting angry is okay; staying angry won't help. But being authentic and daring to speak feels like the way to move forward - stuffing my inner fire at a time like this feels downright dangerous.  Perhaps that's where the mystics got their courage in the face of tremendous adversity?

Its been 3 WEEKS. 
I'm used to being home bound.  I am privileged to have a home that I am happy in... always. 

That said,  I haven't had to keep this pace in many years.  I'm used to significant alone time.  Now it's my daughter and I confined together. 

We must stay home. Even her dad is sacrificing in ways I never thought possible to preserve my life.  

To the others out there, please stay home if you can!!! Stop messing around.  We must stop this virus so that C and I can come out by August like they are saying without risk of my kid losing her mom. No drama, real talk. 

Tomorrow we officially start school again, at home, alas, not gonna let it break my stride.