Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Perspective and Gratitude

I'm often asked how I maintain such a positive attitude in light of the health challenges that I experience. My answer is quite simple, I'm very aware of the fact that the rabbit hole goes deeper....

This morning I talked to my friend Tim who lives outside. It's snowing. His legs collapsed from underneath him while he was walking to the bus. I suggested he go to the emergency room, but then we both laughed because we know what it feels like to go to the ER...too much of that lately for both Tim and I. I empathize deeply with him because I know what it feels like to be treated poorly in the emergency room as a person that lives inside with access to resources including insurance. I cannot imagine the way that Tim is treated when he shows up in the ER.

I made him promise that he would not be stoic about it, and then if he had any issues he would call me.  I offered to go pick him up where he was sitting. I also offered to send a cab. But Tim politely declined. And I've discovered that for many, including Tim, independence and empowerment is so important to preserve. And I also know that I can trust him to contact me if help is needed. And when I hung up the phone I cried thinking about what it must be like to be sick and outside.

A pastor friend of mine is working on getting Tim into a shelter. I hope and pray that we are able to get him inside as I look at the snowflakes falling outside of my window.

Blessing and gratitude is all a matter of perspective.   We are all connected.  I really do believe that is why we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. And as I head off for the miracle of IV fluids, with a puffy steroid face, I feel deeply humble....and grateful....because my issues seem so small.

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