Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NEW ART! Brilliant Darkness

Original Art and Poem by Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix Art

What if a black hole
Was really an imperceptible rainbow?
Just as fractured light
Emerges as Red, Blue, Yellow Green, Indigo, Violet…
What if the transformation of
Light into Darkness
Reveals colors burning beyond comprehension.

Intense darkness…
Through a prism misunderstood.
Human judgements abound…
Collapse into nothingness.

What if the human mind
Cannot perceive such brilliance?
Like a prenatal baby
Attempting to grasp
Life beyond birth.

What if human duality
Cannot SEE the colorful display
Of light diving into darkness
Only to be reborn
On the other side
Of a vast womb
Birthing new LIFE
In colorful glory.

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