Sunday, April 2, 2017


I am tired this morning. I completed a painting yesterday that took a lot out of me, and today I complete my independent study of Angelology by meeting with my advisor. Both are significant accomplishments; yet, I feel the need to DO SOMETHING at this moment.

Thankfully I have learned to notice my thinking. "I should work on my book! I should paint! I should do my taxes! I should walk my horse! I should catch up on book-keeping!"

All the thoughts pinging through my head are nothing short of dizzying...until I drop into my heart space, and feel a sense of calm. REST. Take the luxurious time. Relish in the opportunity to do whatever you want - how often have you had the ability to do this on a Sunday Morning in recent months? Ahhhhhh....thank goodness I learned at some point that I am NOT my thinking mind.

Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix Art

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