Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New art and poetry! The Feminine Divine

The Feminine Divine
By Heather Thompson Blue Phoenix Art

She is the Feminine Divine.
She is not on display
for the world to
Her treasures not easily spotted
Like diamond adorned necklaces,
Pageant tiaras,
Or platinum toe rings.

Gnarled and spectacular
Fractal life
Dripping with untamed wisdom.

You cannot search for her.
Discovery requires dropping
Into the depths of the unknown...
A Place where your senses become useless
Difficult to see.
Difficult to breathe.
Difficult to withstand...
The building pressure with every fathom fallen. 
When you sink into her abyss,
You find brilliant Darkness.
The primordial vessel. 
Birthplace of creation.
Womb from which all kenotic
Mystery poured forth.

She cannot be comprehended.
There is no differentiation.
Only connection.
And in the deepest pairing,
A flash of the
Shadow of the
Frontier of Mystery
May be observed......
Only to be lost again.

But therein lies the gift. 
From her deepest wounds
You will find grace.
From her darkness
You will find light.
From her scars
You will emerge.

Resist the temptation
to make her small....
Acceptable to others.
She is none of those things.
Walk into the desire to understand her.
Allow her to be exactly what she is...
And perhaps...
You will find peace with who YOU are.

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