Friday, April 28, 2017

Church at the Gas Station

There are moments in life when the Call is so clear....For me, it's never been in the outbound intentional discipleship that most people talk about; rather, it's the tiny the nudges that I follow and the conversations that simply unfold when I listen.

Today it was answering a request for gas from a man who lives outside. I met him at the gas station even though I was coming home from the hospital myself. Yes I'm okay, I was just being infused with IV hydration as I do normally twice a week. I was tired, but I felt the nudge.

We filled up our tanks of gas... At some point I casually mentioned that I'm in Ministry. I've known this man for a year and he didn't know that I was a minister until today...and today was clearly the day he needed to talk about God. Tears filled his eyes as we discussed suffering and God and Grace. And I realized why I am enduring all that I am, because it allows me to have these conversations with others.

But what I found the most fascinating was that this is a man who will never enter a church because of his strict religious upbringing. As we talked, I could hear the ideas of great theologians in his words, including John the Scot and St. Augustine, even though he'd never read any of those works.

It brings me back to this idea of innate knowing. We all have a sense of the Creator.

He asked me what he could do for me.... and I told him that he has no idea how much these conversations lift me up and inform my life. And so I thanked him.

Today Church was at the gas station.
This is what my path looks like....
Ordained or not, I am a minister.

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