Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thoughts on the MOTHER of all BOMBS

I've been contemplating the use of MOTHER when discussing the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS today. I think this underscores the masculine lens in a very important way. The Male lens associates the "mother of all bombs" with the most badass biggest strongest of all potential destructors. Similar to the Queen of the hive.  Intimidating.  Bold.  Powerful.  But......deadly....and a tool to be used by men at their discretion.

This is where we need to shift the lens. Mothers are totally badass. We are timeless warriors. We are bold, intimidating, and strong even as we walk into the paradox of vulnerability.

We are the inverse - we are not Destructors,  we are the Creators of new life.  We go through the suffering of childbirth (an experience that makes even the most hardened special forces guys struggle to watch). Ripped stem to stern, bloodied and brutalized, we then immediately turn toward sustaining the life of our new child. This experience of CREATION isn't associated with badassery in our culture. In fact, our very birth canal (pussy) is associated with weakness! 

BIRTH rivals the most traumatic events that men have experienced in war throughout history, and yet we edit it out.

I reject the use of the word "mother" associated with today's bombing. Instead I will illuminate the feminine from the perspective of a WARRIOR WOMAN.  As creators, we are truly badass miracles. And if you want to be a REAL badass, show your heart to EVERYONE.   An important thought this week of the crucifixion.

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