Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Meadow Woman

Rooted, SHE begins.
From the depth of the
Where she walks…
She observes the peaks of
Mountains on all sides
Forged in fire,
Yet frozen in ice.

SHE walks the nutrient-rich soil
In between.
Where wild flowers grow
And rivers caress the land
Carving new formations

Where individuals become communities
And crops feed the tribe
And horses gallop through
The billowing blades of grass.
She persists.

Where barbed wire separates the land
And blood is shed
Humans battle against one another
The stench of death a harbinger of
Absorbing into the Earth…
Enriching the soil…
And bursting forth new life

Tiny sparks of green
Poke through the blackened dirt
A new beginning…
In the meadow
Of Life.

Original Art and Poetry by Heather Thompson Blue Phoenix

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