Monday, February 13, 2017

Living with Chronic Illness

I never understood what a chronic illness was until I had the Concussion...until I was diagnosed with Hyperadergenic POTS Dysautonomia...until I learned that I had Adrenal Insufficiency. My sister struggled with life post brain tumor, and I just didn't get it. Believe me, I tried. But as an able bodied person with endless energy, you can't grasp what it is like to be limited until it happens to you. That's like trying to explain childbirth to a person that hasn't FELT the ring of fire. Or explaining war to someone who isn't a veteran. Empathy can only go so far.

But we must learn to notice those around us that are living with limitations...not because of their limits...but because even with the limits, life is still BEAUTIFUL and humans are still VALUABLE. I am thinking of all of my friends that live outside as I write those words....tears fill my eyes....

We must learn not to pass judgement on journeys that we cannot understand. No one WANTS to be limited. There are no bootstraps (believe me, I have been the queen of bootstraps). There is simply a slow, steady pace toward a new normal that has yet to be defined and is always changing.

Before he recently passed, Ben Banks taught me what it looked like to be authentic and almost outrageously open about certain things. I don't share about everything. But I have come to realize with the help of my Spiritual Director that part of my ministry is simply walking authentically on a path that integrates mind, body and spirit. We are so out of balance in our culture. My health issues keep me on a short leash. Coming to love my body - instead of forcing it into compliance - is an entirely new BADASS way of living. It is completely counter cultural. And so, I shall courageously walk one step at a time with transparency and authenticity because there is nothing to hide.

Here is a great article on life with Chronic Illness written by a physician. Take a it...


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