Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Are you Listening?

Neurodiversity includes awareness that some of us are unable to put things into words the same as others. I am learning to embrace that I communicate differently.   My authentic language post TBI is color, imagery and poetry. I take notes in color.  I may be able to put things into words and have it sound really good because I was a professional writer and published author in my former life.  10 years ago I was on the cover of the Washington Athletic Club Magazine for entrepreneurialism.  Life is different now, because my brain has fundamentally rewired.

Don't feel bad for me.  Acquired Savantism is among the greatest gifts of my life.  But it comes with challenges that few people can understand.  How can I be both a "genius" and "disabled?"  Why can't i participate in group outings? Why do I misspeak sometimes? Why have I been so sick the last two years? Because my new brain has some issues.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that my real thoughts, the deep ocean consciousness that feels too spherical to put into words, cannot be flattened for linear language. Ive tried for years in seminary, each time landing myself in the hospital.  Not everyone understands this, and it has led to huge misunderstandings.

Im choosing to embrace my neurodivergent brain, especially the part that holds paradoxes and embraces nonduality with love.  A very wise woman inspired me today to recognize that there is important work to be done for those of us with alternative nondualistic voices.  It's frightening because the conflict is overwhelming in our polarized culture and I don't have the adrenal system to handle the pain that comes my way. But im discovering that the pain of silence is worse.

Silence and solitude are different.  I shall communicate in my own way and rest on God.

Today I wrote this...poetry for my new website home page which will feature my Warrior WOM•AN Collection.

Are you Listening?

She embraces Mystery,
Courageously following primal nudges.
Colors unfurl,
Textures explode,
New layers emerge,
Life AND death held together,
Akin to nature,
Imperfectly Perfect.

Her hands take the lead,
There are no mistakes,
Paradoxes prevail,
In deep ocean consciousness.
The unspeakable rises,
Trauma and joy interwoven,
Ineffable harmony.
Dripping with intention,
Colors become complex language,
Are you listening?


Original Art and Poetry by Heather Thompson Blue Phoenix Art www.bluephoenixart.com

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