Monday, December 23, 2019

Blue Phoenix Creative-Graphics and Web Design/Coding

I haven't spoken about it much, but in the quiet of my healing journey I've been taking on some select projects- things I can do from home and/or engagements with animals that could benefit from my intuition/synesthesia. Ive decided to share this more publicly in the event that you or someone you know can benefit. 

Graphics and Web Design/Coding 

Ive been doing logos, graphic design, blog design, social media design and web design/coding. I taught myself to do this after the brain injury. Im very selective about clients, but it's something that I can do from home.

Here are two logos done for some of my favourite people.  They both love purple!  

Kiri is my trainer and one of my best friends. She's family.  Harvey and I have been with her since 2012. Her logo is an actual drawing of her jumping stella (her horse). 

Tom and Nancy have been clients back to 2005....They are family too.  Tom has a blog that has been a source of inspiration for so many.  Im going to be moving his site to a new platform, but for now check it out at

Stay tuned... I'll occasionally write more about the diverse things happening at Blue Phoenix, from original art to prints, patrons to collectors, graphics to coding, theology and Theopoetics, jewelry design and even animal communication.  It's not all on my website yet.... but it will be soon. 

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