Saturday, November 30, 2019

Advent - Begin with Unknowing

The first Sunday of Advent begins with a quote to accompany the walk into darkness before the Light of the World is born.  

Rather than writing on this topic tonight, I am contemplating the following quote offered by Fr. Richard Rohr:  

Advent [meaning “coming”], to the Church Fathers, was the right naming of the season when light and life are fading. They urged the faithful to set aside four weeks to fast, give, and pray—all ways to strip down, to let the bared soul recall what it knows beneath its fear of the dark, to know what Jesus called “the one thing necessary”: that there is One who is the source of all life, One who comes to be with us and in us, even, especially, in darkness and death. One who brings a new beginning. —Gayle Boss 

Questions to consider...
How do I avoid the darkness in my life? Where am I afraid and how do I approach it?  How do I react to suffering in myself and others?  

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