Monday, July 8, 2019

FAT - Removing the Shame

This weekend I was challenged (again) to remove the negative power and cultural shame of the word FAT.  Just as I've done with other words that used to raise deep fears of abandonment, the word FAT comes with huge judgments and socially acceptable discrimination hidden beneath the auspices of concern for what's healthy.   Unfortunately, one only has to look at those that lose weight due to chronic illness (people look great!) compared to those that gain weight due to illness or treatments like steroids (silent uncomfortable stares, gossip, and unhelpful physician commentary). 

So im working on this right now.  Im learning to take the power out of the word FAT.  This is another layer of healing from anorexia, exercise bulimia and orthorexia.  No more justifying my body, whether larger or smaller.  No more determining wellness by what the scale says.  Im just loving my body as she is.  And this next level of healing is badass.

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