Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Will i Get back in the Saddle Soon?

Maybe, just maybe, I will get back on my BIG warhorse by mid-march. Humility is being willing to WORK for the things that matter most, yet allowing it to happen in God's time. And frankly, this climb back has been among the most difficult of my life...only second to the immediate aftermath of the TBI.

Getting back on my horse requires PATIENCE. Today I had another therapy ride on Stella (trainer's horse), and I have been SLOWLY building stamina with Harvey...walking, tacking and grooming...but I haven't ridden him since JULY.

See, when you are rehabbing a human the same way you rehab a horse, you take your freaking time...lest I drop back into a crash. Nope! Harvey got new shoes today. He gets his big steroid injection Friday. A little extra training time to integrate the steroid....And then it's game on.

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