Sunday, February 18, 2018

Daring to HOPE this Lent

I've been meditating on HOPE this Lent. Hope feels scary...especially as good things are coming together including new potential treatments for HEALING.  But then I read a Lenten meditation by Richard Rohr and it changed my entire outlook. Here it is....

"It seems that we need beginnings...Today you must pray for the desire to desire! Even if you do not feel it yet, ask for a new and even unknown desires...for you will eventually get what you really desire! I promise you. It is the Holy Spirit doing the desiring at your deepest level.

Therefore you will get nothing less than what you really desire, and almost surely much more.

Remember...YOU are the DESIRING of GOD.
God desires through you and longs for life and love through you and in you.

Make your deep and hidden desire conscious, deliberate, and wholehearted. Make your desires good and far-reaching.

You could not have such desires if God had not already desired them first in you and for you and as you.

Remember finally that like the ashes created from Palm Sunday, NEW BEGINNINGS invariably come from old false things that are allowed to die."

Richard Rohr

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