Monday, February 12, 2018

Some Thoughts on Marketing

It's been 7 years since I have written about marketing. My TBI was March 6, 2011. Today I synthesized a very simple statement that is in line with the things I used to discuss in keynotes and with clients, but I suppose now I've DEEPENED my understanding of how it all works....

So the universal question is...How do I market my business effectively?

My answer is simple (but incredibly challenging in practice). Do good. Be kind. Practice the golden rule. Give more than you receive. Start with empathy. Do this AT ALL LEVELS. Be willing to make the hard decisions to let this be the core of your business. 

As an example....I know of an organization I know that says "extraordinary caring" in giant banners across every building....yet the patient experience is often one of "efficiency first."  This WILL NOT work.

So if you feel mystified by marketing and growth strategy remember that the basics...the roots...are what make marketing effective.

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