Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can Anyone Paint?

"All you do is splatter paint on a canvas. Anyone can do that. You should call your art 'the emperor has no clothes'..."  

That's what someone said when he recently looked at this painting. My response was simple...

Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix Art

It's true. Anyone CAN splatter paint on a canvas. I suppose the question lies in the INTENT behind the splattering. In my case, there are no accidents in any painting - every splatter holds hidden meaning and conveys an aspect of my deeply personal transformative journey. I communicate via a complex language of color. 

I am among those who believe that anyone can express themselves through the innate creative talents that we all hold within us. I know this because an "island of genius" (referencing book by Darold Treffert) opened up in me in the wake of a traumatic brain injury 6 years ago. This is what it means to be an acquired savant.

That being said, what comes out of our creative center- the island of genius in all of us- is far from a haphazard mess of paint on a canvas, it holds meaning, and that is precisely what makes it ART.

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