Sunday, June 30, 2019

Total Surrender

Today I begin a few days with no neuromuscular meds prior to a super fun test (needle above my eye measuring muscle weakness) on Tuesday.
Next week I meet with the Porphyria expert.  And lots of dr appts.  With Mayo July 30th. 

It's moments like these that im grateful for a cross based theology,  as I know that God is walking with me in the midst of my struggle.  I know that God has experienced so much for suffering than I could ever imagine having been tortured and crucified, and therefore God pours out grace and compassion for those of us that are experiencing hardship....God understands what it is to be human...God gives us strength to endure and persist especially when the suffering is great...AND God will guide me through all of this toward the right outcome for my life. 

Just as Jesus prayed in the Garden, not my will but God's. I am allowed to complain, but in the end it's total surrender.

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