Sunday, December 2, 2018

Advent Day 1

When the religious say that there is a WRONG way to be a human, things get very dangerous. Haven't we learned this lesson from the cross, crusades, holocaust...need I go on? Do we not continue to learn this lesson every day with those that are shoved to the margins or kicked out of religion because "the bible says so?"

I am struggling this first day of Advent as I see the darkness before me, with Christians creating divisions and judgements along lines of immigration status, gender, sexuality, and more.

I believe that the journey of faith is an interior walk with God.  It's a loving walk, exemplified by St Augustines Confessions.  Instead of using the confessions to force perfection, tho, perhaps we could see it for what it is...courageous transformation naked before God.

If Christians genuinely trust the Holy Spirit, then we can trust that the Spirit is moving always for good...even in the hearts of those that spread hate and division in the name of God.

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