Monday, November 27, 2017

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

My wonderful neuro-endocrinologist said today.... " have the moon face from steroids...but if ANYONE can make it beautiful you can! You're so CUTE!" Gosh I love her.
She reminded me today how far I've come. She told me to take it REALLY SLOW as I make the changes we need to make over the next 4 weeks. I'll be doing PT 3x a week. I'll be slowly returning to activities of daily living.
And most importantly,she told me that the weight and swelling is all REVERSIBLE when we get my steriods down. She said we don't want to touch the steriods until the gastroenterologist, rheumatologist and neurologist all weigh in ...then we will slowly begin the walk down....
It's been a badass road. She emphasized that I'm not to even think about my weight for the next month. So I shall put away the scale and just stabilize.
My holiday goals are simple. Don't worry. Be happy.

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