Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Freedom to Say No

I was reminded last night of something that a boyfriend said to me shortly after my divorce....

He said to me, "Don't ever cheat on me, don't ever stop [insert sexual favor here], and don't ever get fat."

A few years later, another boyfriend said to me last summer, "If you would just tone up your body I would be putty in your hands."

Why am I writing this? Because these types of comments are pervasive in our culture. Men think that they have the right to comment on women's bodies. As a woman we are taught to keep quiet and contain the shame within us rather than putting the responsibility where it belongs - on the shoulders of the men that make such comments.

I am saying no. I'm daring to speak.

As I embrace my single womanhood, I'm realizing that there is enormous freedom in not being in a relationship. This is something that women have come to realize throughout history, and I have come to realize it too.

Ultimately a relationship should bring greater Freedom, not the other way around.

Through the challenges, my voice is emerging. I'm deeply grateful.

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