Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Awakening the Feminine: Hildegard of Bingham and VIRIDITAS

Day two of illuminating powerful feminine voices - Hildegard of Bingham and VIRIDITAS!

Here is an excerpt from a Patheos article about St. Hildegard: 
"One of the fundamental principles of Hildegard's worldview is viriditas, which means the "greening power of God." But even more than that, it refers to a lushness and fecundity in the world, a greening life force we can witness in forests and gardens and farmland. Hildegard, who lived in the valley around the river Rhine in Germany, was profoundly impacted by her witness to the profusion of greenness and how this green life energy was a sign of abundance and life. It is what sustains and animates us."

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