Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Toughness and Concussions

This article speaks the truth. And it's not just football players. A concussion was the ONLY thing that could have brought me to my knees.  And after 6 months, when certain family members thought i was faking it and my own husband told me i was no longer the woman he fell in love with, i realized i was in the fight of my life.  Now I'm almost 5 years out.  I'm largely recovered. Life is different. I'm an artist in ministry. I love my artistic brain.  I love theology.  I'm so grateful i no longer force myself to lead my old life.  And I'm aware that this concussion epidemic is in an infancy of understanding...two concussions in the Seahawks game last week...and we cheer on the game.  Treating survivors as if they are brain damaged, not injured.  No diagnostic criteria for CTE.  And NO mention of domestic violence survivors in a dialogue focused on men.
"But this standard cannot be the same for twisted ankles and bruised brains. There is no known “split for your head” or “magic noggin” pill that cures concussions, and we have come to know from the tragic stories of retired NFL players that the brain is not just another muscle to be tested."

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