Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Prayer for the Unseen

An observation.... It's Christmas Eve, and there's a lot of discussion about noticing those on the margins and those who may be in pain this season.  While many are mentioned in memes and prayers, including the lonely and caregivers for the ill, there's no mention of those who are actually living with disability, chronic illness, pain... or those who are at end of life.  The privalege of health is everywhere, yet there are millions living in bodies with unimaginable conditions - until it happens to you.  

Tonight I pray for those who are unseen and unnoticed; those who beg for God's intervention but do so alone; those whose suffering runs so deep that they have hidden it away... I've been in these shoes - all of them - sometimes feeling undeserving of the love and prayers of others.  So I ask God to hear my prayer, because my soul sees theirs tonight.

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